Saturday, November 22, 2008

Florida and Louisiana in 10 days!

Elliette's very first flight.
She wore her cute airplane jacket and didn't even cry
With the B&D at our favorite little hole in the wall restaurant Boondocks. We met her parents there. It is fun you eat right by the water
Little drooly girl, see she already knows how good it is
Cooper, Elliette and Croix they all had on cute plaid shorts
And now Ellie is eating Croix, see told you she loves material
Lego Land, Downtown Disney
Elliette is excited and she doesn't even know why! Probably because of the Bjorn not all the cute princess stuff.
Look close she is licking the Baby Bjorn
We put Elliette's feet in the sand at Daytona Beach. She loved being outside. Her feet look so stinkin cute
Loving the beach
All our Daytona friends. We miss you all! Hey and thanks for all the thumbs up, you know who you are!
Buc's Game Jordan, Jonathan and Jeremy
Tailgating before the game. This was our first time going to a Bucs game and they won!
Elliette's cousin Shaelyn and Grandma
With Pappy Steve I flew home and Jer took the baby to Shreveport, I know brave huh!
Grandma and Grandma Bogard this was the first time any of them has met Elliette We had the funnest trip to Florida. We flew into Daytona for a few days then went over to Tampa area to Jeremy's Mom's. Elliette was a little trooper, she flew great she never even cried. Everyone just loved her, the flight attendant just took her from us right when we got on. She was hamming it up the whole time smiling and squeeling at everyone. They were just glad she didn't scream the whole time I am sure. We stayed at the B&D's house with Croix and Copper, they just left and I felt like they already changed. We were able to see friends that I miss so much! We took Ellie to the beach and Downtown Disney. Grandma watch the baby while we went to the Buc's game, which was so much fun. I flew home on Wed and Jeremy took Elliette to Shreveport by himself!! She did really good, and Jeremy's Dad and Grandparents got a chance to see her for the first time. I am sad I didn't get to go, but we'll all come out soon.


haley said...

Ellie is so cute. She seems so happy! In every picture she is always smiling. We flew with Gracie when she was 4 or 5 months old, and it was not a pleasant experience. Your lucky to have such a good baby.

MJ said...

I can't believe how smiley and happy Ellie is. She is darling! You guys look like you had a fun trip. The Jordans will have to get together over the holidays, maybe an after-Christmas party.

JoElle said...

I think my girls would go absolutely crazy on a plane...but then they are two. It's nice when they can't walk and are happy just being held.

Bills Family said...

I love that Jer had her dressed so cute and a bow in her hair. What a go dad! Cute pics!