Sunday, October 12, 2008

Girls Night (October)

Becca, Holly, Karen, Me, Donna Whitney and Kristy
Kissed with Fairy Dust
This cute shop kissed you with fairy dust in the shape of a star too bad it doesn't show up on camera
Me, and the twins Whit and Donna
"Witchy" We had the funnest girls night going to Gardner's Village. It was cold but not miserable, we had a blast "cackling". We ate at Archibalds then shopped and had pumpkin pie hot chocolate. I seriously laughed so hard I was crying. My friend Donna is here from Florida and she had never been, obviously, so it was fun showing her up there. Her and Whit were my little twins, the same height and dark hair, in our picture of us three I was like the giant towering over them. Shopping was fun we saw what we wanted then bought it at Tia Pan, hehe. I love our girls nights we have the best time, and always a good laugh. See you girls next month!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Pumpkin carving no carving. Pumpkin Patch no patch

This "patch" will do
Grandma and Elliette
Are we done yet?
That's right it's spray paint
Katelyn and I "carving" our pumpkins
cutest pumpkins on the block
Ready for Halloween
Elliette's first pumpkin, doesn't she look excited
I found in a magazine this year a cute way to do pumpkins, you spray paint them! How easy is that! Then at the dollar store I found this pack of foam stickers that we put on then sprayed over and peeled off for the polka dots. The bats were cute so we used them. So hence our pumpkin carving no carving, use spray paint. And pumpkin patch no patch, I couldn't find a patch I wanted to go to so we went to someone's house on main in Springville. Good enough for me. Maybe when she's older we'll do the patch thing. I just love fall and Halloween, it is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate and decorate for.